Siard Houtzager

The Out of Office Ride 22 for the Dutch Heart Fundation

During the last 2 years with COVID restrictions, increased workload and stress, I developed the idea to ‘break free’ spend some time off the grid and take some time for myself. So the idea developed to cycle across Europe, explore the nature, meet new cultures, cities and people on the road. The route goes from my home town in the west of the Netherlands, through Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic. Then turn south, through Austria heading to Venice, Italy. And then through the north of Italy into Switzerland (Bern, Basel) and then through the Vosges (France), Luxemburg and the Ardennes (Belgium) back to the Netherlands. This route is approx 3600 km - can you please join me to raise € 3600.= for the Dutch Heart Foundation? Their efforts to stress the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle is so important in these post-COVID time! You can follow me on Instagram “Out_of_Office_Ride_22” and on Strava. Life Slow - Ride Hard. Siard